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November 1979 - Organizational meeting held at South Louisiana Electric Building.

March 1980 - Coteau Volunteer Fire Department officially chartered.

Then came the start of Coteau Volunteer Fire Department. A group of young men and older men alike saw the need for a fire department to be formed, when late one night residents on Bayou Gardens Dr watched as one of their neighbors' house burned to the ground and they couldn't do anything to stop the fire. The next day the idea for Coteau Volunteer Fire Department was born.

The Coteau-Bayou Blue Fire Department on Bayou Blue was, at that time, the official department to provide protection for the Coteau community. The group of Coteau residents separated from Coteau-Bayou Blue, then formed and chartered in the name of Coteau Volunteer Fire Department.

A small group of men from the Coteau community took on the task of finding a site for a fire station and the funding and equipment to provide fire protection for their community. Mr. Douglas Boudreaux helped to get Coteau Volunteer Fire Department chartered. Rickie Pitre, Wayne Guidry, Jimmy Rogers, Rodney Bollinger and other members of the community found a place to build a fire station.

The Ellender family leased a spot on the corner of the Coteau Park to build the fire station. That location is still occupied today by the Coteau Fire Department.



The first task for this group of volunteers was to find funding for the building and operations. Meetings were held at an area Jaycee lodge until Coteau had a building. Funding to build the first Coteau fire station was a loan from Terrebonne Parish Police Jury, still there was a lot of work to be done. Now funding to operate the department needed to be found. With the help of Bayou Cane, Schriever and Village East fire departments, Coteau was able to become part of Fire District 123 and start receiving funds for operations.

The next task was to purchase a fire truck and equipment. Coteau had a place for a building and funding, now they needed a truck. Bayou Dularge Fire Department had a fire truck for sale, a 1954 American La France Dallas Special. Coteau approached Bayou Dularge and purchased the truck for $1,000. Bayou Dularge even left the hose and air packs for Coteau to use until they could afford to buy there own equipment. With one fire truck, pieced together equipment, a large siren in front of their building and pagers loaned from Bayou Cane, Coteau became an operational fire department and started responding to fire calls.

Now the volunteers needed training to fight fires, so the fire chief, Wayne Guidry, approached the chief of Bayou Cane for help. They began to train and respond with Bayou Cane to learn more about fighting fires. Along with training locally, they went to LSU's fire academy in Baton Rouge. Spending weeknights and weekends away from their families, the men of Coteau Volunteer Fire Department trained and protected their community.

Coteau purchased their second truck, a 1959 International, from Vigilant Chemical and Hose of Thibodaux Fire Department for $10,000. The money was another loan from the Terrebonne Parish Police Jury. Then Schriever Volunteer Fire Department donated a 1968 Chevy pickup truck to Coteau to be used as a squad. With a lot of work by Robert Lee and James Peoples, all the Coteau trucks were painted as they started their journey as Coteau Volunteer Fire Department. Having 3 trucks and very little funds to operate with, volunteers like Rickie Pitre, Jimmy Rogers, Wayne Guidry, Ivy Deroche, Rodney Bollinger, Robert Lee, Roger Dale Bell and many others were now providing fire protection for their community.



A lot of time, effort and sacrifices of countless men and women have made Coteau Volunteer Fire Department what it is today. No longer a member of Fire District 123 (dissolved), they are now Coteau Fire Protection District. Coteau still has the station on the corner of Coteau Park and has built a second station located at 1930 Coteau Rd. Long retired the 3 trucks that help start it all.

Our fleet of vehicles currently includes:

  • Pumper 1 - 1994 E-One 1000 GPM top mount pumper
  • Pumper 2 - 2006 E-One 1250 GPM top mount pumper
  • Pumper 3 - 2007 E-One 50 foot Mid-mount Teleboom
  • Squad 1 - 1997 E-One Heavy Rescue (equipped for auto extrication and medical emergencies)
  • Squad 2 - 2007 Dodge 1 ton 4-wheel drive pickup truck (support vehicle)
  • Squad 3 – 2008 Dodge ton Maintenance Truck

Coteau also has a fire prevention demonstration trailer, used for educating the public on fire prevention.

They have come a long way since 1979 when they were "Here For Duty". Today they are "Always Willing, Always Ready". Thank you to all the men and women who have come and gone from Coteau Volunteer Fire Department, making Coteau what they are today.


Always in our memories are those who have gone before us